Liebe Company offers a variety of twill and vinyl products and colors. Our Webster Fabric division manufactures our Poly-Pro Twill® (Tackle Twill) and vinyl offering the highest quality and ability to manufacture to your specific needs. Webster Fabric produces lettering twill for Baseball, the Basketball, the Football, the Hockey and many other professional and collegiate organizations. Visit the Webster Fabric site to get more information on all of the products we offer.


Poly-Pro Twill® (Tackle Twill)

  • The smooth, high-gloss tight weave provides abrasion resistance.
  • Poly-Pro Twill is guaranteed to be shrink-free.
  • Nine ounces of fabric per square yard provides superior strength and maximum opacity.
  • Heat-sealed coatings lubricate the sewing needle, preventing stitch skipping and thread breakage.
  • Adhesion stands up over a wide range of application temperatures-from 290oF to 330oF.
  • Poly-Pro Twill meets the requirements of Flammable Fabrics Act, Public Law 8 Section 4 (a).
  • Twill is colorfast and retains continuity from dye lot to dye lot.
  • Poly-Pro Twill is the lettering material choice for both clothing manufacturers and equipment managers of all sports.
  • Twill lettering is easily removed.
  • Poly-Pro Twill is available with heat-activated press-on backing, pressure sensitive backing or (plain) uncoated.
  • The pressure sensitive Poly-Pro twill comes with a heavy paper liner that allows the twill to be Cad Cut.
  • Anti-Fray Coating helps prevent unraveling.
  • Meets all CPSC regulations and standards, including for children.

Heat-Activated Press-On Twill (HPO) - minimum order 5 yards with 5 yard increments.
Pressure Sensitive Twill (PSA) - available in 25 yard rolls.
Plain Twill (no coating) - minimum order 5 yards with 5 yard increments.

Application of HPO Twill:
Set press at 310oF - test with temperature tape (available from Liebe). Place Teflon Pillow in garment and press for 10 seconds. This will remove excess moisture from garment. Release press. Place letters and/or numbers properly on garment and press for 12-15 seconds with medium pressure. Sew lettering to garment using a zig-zag stitch (Webster has a guide for lettering placement and stitch length and width).

Application of PSA Twill:
Adhesive does not need to be heat pressed onto garment. Cut design out of the twill, remove the paper backing and apply to garment. Twill can be removed easily for repositioning. Sew lettering to garment using a zig-zag stitch.

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