It's easy for a dealer to provide professional looking, sewn-on lettering and numbering, IF he does a few simple things.

1. Start with proven materials - The lettering recommended is polyester twill fabric. It looks as sharp as rayon-cotton twill and does some things that rayon-cotton doesn't. It shrinks less than 1% versus up to 15%... it holds color better... and it won't tear at the stitches. The thread should be 100% cotton, size 00, vat-dyed and mercerized. This thread is strong, durable and color-fast.

2. Zig-zag stitch - Always use a zig-zag stitch.

3. Start at the bottom of the letter or number.

4. Differences in stitching for lettering sizes

     * For 6" to 12" numbers or letters use 16 stitches for every inch with a 1/3" wide stitch.

     * For 3" and 4" numbers and letters use 20 stitches for every inch, with the stitches being slightly less than an 1/8" wide.

     * For 2" numbers and letters use 20 stitches per inch with a 3/32" wide stitch.

5. Corners and other special situations

     * For outside corners, stitch to the tip of the corner. Then start the other side of the corner at the tip so that the stitches 


     * For inside corners, sew 2 stitches past the corner then start the next side so that 2 stitches overlap the first stitching.

     * When finishing the number or letter, sew 4 to 8 stitches past the beginning stitches.

     * If the bobbin runs out of thread during a job, start the stitches from the new thread 1/4" into the previous stitching.

Follow these tips and your sewn-on lettering will have an excellent appearance and should stay in place for as long as the garment lasts.

Polyester twill is so strong that it can be hard to cut unless the cutting is done with proper equipment. It can be cut easily with scissors, clicker dies, steel roller dies plotter cutters, and some lasers. We use specialized lasers, waterjets, computerized plotter and die cutters.
In addition to Liebe Company's standard Poly-Pro Twill cutting services, we also offer a method of cutting materials known as kiss-cutting. Kiss-cutting is a method that is used to make the overall weight of the lettering or numbering lighter. For a 2 color Kiss-cut, a thin outline of the bottom color is cut and placed on top of the top color, instead of the top color being cut and placed on top of the bottom color. It has the same appearance as a regular cut, and uses less material.
Screen printing is a good, low cost way to add extra colors to POLY_PRO twill designs. This is sometimes done to make uniform plaques with sponsors’ names, low cost participation awards, and the like. We recommend only a catalytic process.
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