Player names on jerseys—what size should the letters be? Here’s the trick. Check the learn roster and find the longest name. Then spell out that name on the jersey in a specific letter height (say, 3 inches). If the letters don't touch the sleeve seams, fine. If they do touch the seams, go to the next smaller size letter.


Standard Sizes for Numbers for Football Jerseys.
Youth jerseys: 6 in. front and 8 in. back.
High school: 8 in. front and 10 in. back.
College: 10 in. and 12 in. back.
When selecting sizes when name is also ordered that part of a player's number not be covered by his pants. Our tip: Lay out the chosen number size and name size in correct positions on the smallest size of jersey that will be used. If the bottom of the number might be covered by the pants, go to the next smaller sizes of letters and numerals.
Look out for the S, H and 8: It's easy to get them upside down when applying standard design lettering. When correctly positioned, the lower holes of all three characters are noticeably bigger than the upper holes.
The "No Bubble" Way to Apply 2-Color Vinyl Lettering.
Insert Teflon pillow in jersey. Position bottom color on jersey. Use normal application temperature of 335°F. with firm pressure but for only 15 seconds. Remove jersey from press. Leave Finish Paper or Teflon sheet in place, covering lettering. Rub paper or Teflon with damp cloth or moistened blackboard eraser until covering material is near room temperature.
Remove paper from bottom color. Position top color over bottom color.| You already have the components Remove paper from top color. Result should be perfect-no bubbles. A large selection of 2-color lettering styles and sizes is available from the Liebe Company.
Cover lettering with Finish Paper or Teflon-coated fiber glass sheet. Close press for 30 seconds at normal temperature    

How to assure perfect vinyl lettering:

Pre-heat each garment in the press for 10 seconds just before applying letters and numerals. This flattens out wrinkles, and eliminates moisture in the fabric.
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